Written & Directed by Wen Yu

In the southern China, the innocence of youth, the calling of dress, and maiden and sex, are all mixed up and combined. Typhoon swept through the land, blowing the summer as well as my sleepiness away.

Country: China, Beijing Film Academy
26 minutes

Distributed By Synesthesia Films

Wen Yu

Wen Yu, born in September 8th,1997, is a Chinese director, screenwriter and editor. He lived in Guangzhou, and began his career in the Director Department of Beijing Film Academy in 2016.

Wen used to capture wonderful moments in daily life and dig into characters through filming documentary. Remarkably, his best documentary, Crab, is shortlisted for the National Students Excellent Short Documentary Film Award. Since then, he devoted himself into the creation of drama film.

Notably, The Waves Flow Down won the Excellent Short Film in Guangdong Student Film Festival and the Pheasant won the Best Short Film in Short Film Unit of Beijing Film Academy Golden Letter Award, while the Tropical Monsoon is shortlisted for both the Best Short Drama Film of Beijing Student Film Festival and the Best Short Film of Beautiful Country International Film Festival.

Wen Yu was a member of FIFF’s Talent Campus 2019 and is now studying in Director Department of Beijing Film Academy.

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